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I have played golf for as long as I can remember (going on 40 years). My father first put me on a golf course when I was four years old. Much like another (more famous) golfer's father from Pennsylvania, my father was a golf course superintendent and a club pro. My whole family plays the game.

I was a caddie at my father's course and began giving lessons to other junior golfers at the age of twelve.

After a stint in the military, I began getting involved in the equipment aspects of golf. I began doing minor repairs and re-gripping. I then began to tinker with the setup of my own golf clubs. I now have set up my own business building custom fitted golf clubs and giving lessons. I am working towards my certification from the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America.

Now that we live in Colorado, I have joined the local golf club at ThornCreek in Thornton. It is one of three golf courses that I drive past every day.

For those interested in custom-made clubs, just email me below. I play SnakeEyes TC-01 irons, a Golfsmith XPC driver and Raven TM-95 3wood and 5 wood. My shafts are True Temper Dynamic Gold S-300 cut at 1/2 inch over standard. There is a picture of my irons below and on my clubmaking business page that has a link on the first page of this site. Here is the description.

A clean, progressive cavity designed for the avid player who appreciates a classic blade profile in a progressive low-offset design.

Precision cast in 431 stainless steel and subjected to a special annealing process to give the irons the soft feel more commonly associated with forging.

Progressive cavity design places more mass in the heel of the long irons and progresses to less mass in the heel of the middle and short irons. This progressive weighting combats the tendency to leave the face open at impact and enhances the ability to draw the ball to the target.

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