International Players Tournament Welcome to the Golf Connections International Players Tournament (ipt). This unique tournament format allows individuals of various golfing abilities to play on separate courses and compete equally against each other within the same tournament. As a participant, you will be placed in a tournament field with 200 golfers competing for a great prizes and a chance to qualify to play in the Golf Connections Winners Circle Championship. How to register for an Tournament Each participant in the International Players Tournament must review and sign an IPT Tournament Card verifying that they have reviewed the rules and have played in accordance to them. The entry fee to compete in ipt Tournaments is $25 for Golf Connections members and $35 for non-members. Golf Connections members enter tournaments by purchasing an official Tournament Card and organizing a foursome. Non members must contact a Golf Connections Consultant (see the bottom of the page) or order a Tournament card form our Electronic Pro Shop (You become a Member of Golf Connections when you purchase your first product from us). Entry fees for each player in the foursome should be paid to the Golf Connections member who purchased the Tournament Card.

IPT Pages

Tournament Rules:
Tournament Scoring:
Qualifying for the Winners Circle Championship:

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